Mermaid Ombre Tutu

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All mini mermaids need the perfect mermaid tutu! The Mermaid Ombre Tutu for babies and kids is a fun skirt and dress-up tutu for any Mermaid outfit, celebration, or everyday wear! A must-have for all the mermaids at heart.

* The tulle is super soft and doesn't scratch or itch little ones.

* The embellishments on the tutus don't "shed". You'll never have to worry about glitter trailing all over the place!

* This tutu also has a cotton lining so it can be worn as a skirt.

* Elastic waistband.

  Pair this tutu with the Mermaid Tail  T-Shirt, and Mermaid Tail Bow Hair Accessory for a complete head-to-toe mermaid look!